Dracula's wives

First marriage

Everything we know about the first wife of Vlad the Impaler is her name: Elizabetta. She was born at least a son Mihnea the wicked, which was to prevail later in Wallachia between the years 1508 and 1510. According to local legend, Elizabetta died during asediului priests said he himself was contacted by Castle, which has been surrounded by Ottoman army, led by Radu cel Frumos ( radu the Beautiful ) and by ienicerii Romanians. A arcas, seeing his wife's shadow Vlad the Impaler behind a window, pulled and an arrow through the window of the headquarters main ruler, with a warning message that the army of Radu approached. It was archer sees a relation of Vlad the Impaler, that of loyalty to the ruler, sent the warning despite the fact that it is Islam convertise in order to get rid of slavery and enforcement by Turks.

After the message, ruler's wife was thrown out of the tower in an afluent of Arges river flowing at foot of the castle, saying she'd rather rot or would have eaten fish in Arges county than to be taken prisoner by Turks. Today, plant influent is called River Mrs.


Second marriage

Gradually gaining Matia king favors , Vlad the Impaler married Ilona Szilágyi, a cousin of the king, and in the years preceding its issue of exiles, in 1474, he lived with her in a house of Hungarian capital.

Around year 1465, Ilona born two sons: the great: Vlad the Devil IV-th, who has spent most of the time in king suite Matia, and later he failed in regain his throne of the Romanian and the young man, whose name is not known, but about which it is well-known that he lived in Transylvania, bishop of Oradea until 1482, He has been ill. She came back to Buda, where he died in his mother's company. Descendants of Vlad the Impaler and the Transylvanian town they got married in Hungarian nobles.


Vlad the impaler had five children with a sasoaica from Brasov

Vlad met Katharina Christmas. of 1455, around Bastionului Tesatorilor

Vlad the Impaler was conquered by a daughter of sas weaver from Corona, Brasov city name of those times. Katharine has been overwhelmed with much tenderness for 20 years, as long as it took this relationship, from which they result five children.