Dracula Festival at Targoviste will put in scene the night attack of The Impaler against the Turks

This year, Targoviste will hold Dracula Festival at the Royal Court in the city, an event in which we will repeat the night attack of Vlad Tepes against the Turks, said Gabriel Boriga, Mayor Targoviste.

The festival will be organized in collaboration with the County Council Dambovita.

'' We had a joint discussion (no Adrian Tutuianu, Dâmboviţa County Council chairman) and we agreed to make this festival to become a brand of Targoviste and the county Dambovita. Like it or not, Dracula is a brand. We need to find all means to attract tourists in Dambovita, Targoviste. The festival will be in the summer, I agreed to do it on or around June 14 to 16, when the City Hall had in the project to recreate the night attack of Vlad the Impaler'' said Gabriel Boriga.

Dracula Festival will be held at the Royal Court in Targoviste and the staging of the night attack against the Turks of Vlad Tepes will be at the Ruins.

The authorities hope that the event will become a brand of Targoviste.

'' It will be a large action. Staging the night attack will be on a large scale, with dozens, hundreds of stuntmen, extras, famous actors who will come and we will actually make this festival a brand of the city and the county. We hope to continue it every year,'' added the mayor of Targoviste, Gabriel Boriga.

According www.printransilvania.ro  site, on June 4, 1462, Sultan Mehmed II el-Fatih (the Conqueror) crossed the Danube with a big armz, trying to reach the capital Targoviste. To stop the advance, Vlad Tepes burned the land, poisoned wells, sent people and animals in the mountains. In addition, several smaller rivers were diverted to create wetlands and set all sorts of traps (pits covered with branches and leaves). Moreover, he sent among the Turks, people with tuberculosis, syphilis, plague or leprosy, to infect as many enemy soldiers. Along the lengthy submission of Turkish army, during which the Ottomans could not find food or water, Tepes sporadic attacked several times.

On June 17, at around 12 pm, the Impaler came with several thousand soldiers in the Turkish camp. Using horns and torches, created panic among the Turks, they set fire to tents and killed, apparently, more than 15,000 soldiers. It is said that Vlad himself wanted to burn the sultan tent, but he mistaken the tent with the one of a Grand Vizier, and Mehmed continued to march towards Targoviste.

One of the storys says that when he arrived in the capital, he found it deserted, with open doors and marched his army time of half an hour on a road bordered by nearly 20,000 impaled Turks, and in the largest was the body of Hamza Pasha, and another says that the fortress would actually be defended by the Vlachs and the in impaled Turks were lined up outside the city, to a distance of 60 kilometers.